Our Story

Unfortunately we can't say we were raised by wolves which would make this story way more exciting. 

Deb loves a good Gin and we made the brave assumption that our Storm customers might like a good Gin also, so we started the journey making Storm Black Wolf Gin our passion project for 2021.

We had an opportunity to work with the National Distillery, who are just a great bunch of people with a fantastic business and bloody good Gin!

Choosing the botanical ingredients was a classic staring you in the face moment, as we soon discovered no one had done a lemon and lime botanical infusion. While we were taste testing we soon realised that with the lemon and lime infusion already in the bottle a splash of Tonic or Soda makes a perfect gin every time even if you don't have a lemon or lime on hand.

So the story is really just beginning, and we hope that you try it, love it and keep buying what we think is an awesome product.